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Absentee Voting


Voters should call the County Clerk’s Office at (870) 762-2411 to determine if they are registered to vote and to find the Precinct Number assigned.


Absentee Voting Procedures

Any person eligible to vote by absentee ballot may request the County Clerk to mail to an address within the continental United States an application for an absentee ballot. [ACA 7-5-403(b) (1)]

Qualifications to Vote an Absentee Ballot:

  1. Any person who will be unavoidably absent from his voting place on the date of the election.
  2. Any person who will be unable to attend the polls on Election Day because of illness or physical disability.


  1. Must be signed by the applicant
  2. Delivered to and received by the office of the County Clerk
  • In-person – no later than the time that the County Clerk’s office closed on the day before the election
  • By mail – no later than seven days before the election.
  • By fax – no later than seven days before the election. Will be accepted only upon verification of the facsimile signature of the voter.
  • By designated bearer – no later than County Clerk’s Office closes on the day before the election.