County of Mississippi Arkansas

The Juvenile Office teamed up with the Mississippi County Extension Office and hosted a 3 day cooking class for parents and their teenage child. Saundra Harms taught these families how to eat healthy, how to properly wash their food/vegetables, how to hold their cutting tools, how to properly dice, slice, and cut their vegetables. She taught them about what the food temperature should be when storing the food. Then these families went hands on and prepared their meals. They diced, sliced and chopped their own vegetables, and blended them in with seasonings and etc. The 1st day they made a chicken stir fry, the 2nd day they made a Vinaigrette Pasta Salad and the 3rd day they made a chili cheesy mac. These families came together and provided a positive environment, shared some laughs along with some memories. This class was to help families come together for dinner, how to help each other in the kitchen when preparing dinner, how to engage in a positive conversation and share some memories together. This allows everyone in the home to come together and be a family and eat together. They did an awesome job and we were glad to see them smiling. Thank you to all of the families who participated in this class. A HUGE thank you to Saundra Harms from the Mississippi County Extension Office, you are awesome at what you do and we are grateful.