County of Mississippi Arkansas

Blytheville Party in the Park is an annual free community event hosted by the Mississippi County Juvenile Probation Office. The purpose of this event is to foster positive relationships between the people in our community and the Juvenile Office. The Juvenile Office wanted to cultivate the idea that "We are better together" in order for our community to come together. The Juvenile Office handed out school supplies to the back to school children. The School supplies were donated by several agencies such as Life Strategies Counseling Inc, Black Hills Energy, Family Dollar, Brotherhood Organization, Walmart, NEAFCU, Dedrick Davis and Priscilla Johnson of MCAEOC, and Fairview Baptist Church. The Food and Drinks were donated by Woodridge, Kroger, Hays Grocery and the Brotherhood Organization.

This event was held at Walker Park on August 4, 2017 from 10 am - 2 pm. We had games, inflatables for the children and food for the community. This party was completely free to the families of Blytheville and the surrounding areas. Local Law enforcement agencies such as Blytheville Police Department, Mississippi County Sheriff's Office and the Blytheville Fire Department, Mayor James Sanders and other representatives throughout our county also came to participate in the festivities. The police department, Juvenile Office, Fire Department and the kids in the community even had a game of tug of war. The children were able to have fun with local law enforcement and exchange laughs and fun. 


 Children and adults playing tug-of-war with law enforcement officers at a park


 A group of adults and children standing with law enforcement officers at a park


A man showing adults and children a firetruck at a park


Two men showing adults and children a firetruck at a park


Two men showing adults and children a firetruck at a park


An adult walking with a group of small children holding hands at a park


Four adults talking at tables with stacks of shirts and a school bus in the back


Two men holding up the number one sign with their hands in front of a blowup playhouse   A woman smiling while standing next to tables with stacks of shirts


 A fireman letting two children put on fire gear   A fireman letting two children put on fire gear


 Two men smiling for the camera at a park   A blowup playhouse at a park


Two children wearing fireman gear  A child sitting in the driver's seat of a firetruck and smiling at the camera


Three children in a fire truck 



 Adults and children sitting in the back of a police car while the officer talks to them


Four adults standing together and smiling for the camera  


Two firemen showing a group of children a fire truck and equipment


 Four adults posing for the camera 


 Adults and children standing next to a police car with an officer in front