County of Mississippi Arkansas


Arkansas Northeastern College

Allied Health & Criminal Justice Day

One hundred thirty students from Buffalo Island Central, Blytheville, East Poinsett County, Gosnell, Manila, Rivercrest, and Osceola High Schools took part in the Allied Health/Criminal Justice Day at Arkansas Northeastern College on Friday, November 3, 2017. This day was put on through a partnership between ANC's Allied Health, Criminal Justice, and Career Coach Departments. The students in the Criminal Justice session heard from guest speakers from local, state, and county law enforcement agencies so they could learn what a career in Criminal Justice would be like. They got to spend individual time speaking with each guest to ask questions, and were able to see a staged crime scene set up by ANC Criminal Justice instructor, Tim Bentley. The students also learned about what a path to these jobs would look like at ANC.

Tim Bentley - Criminal Justice Instructor        Blytheville Police Chief- Ross Thompson

 Criminal Justice Instructor Tim Bentley speaking to a class of children      Blytheville Police Chief Ross Thompson speaking to a class of children.

 Osceola Police Department                   Chief Ross Thompson Speaking with the Youth

Osceola Police Department Chief Ross Thompson speaking with the youth       Osceola Police Department Chief Ross Thompson speaking with the youth

 Daryl Turner Intake Officer

 of the Juvenile Probation Office

Intake Officer Daryl Turner of the Juvenile Probation Office speaking to three adults at a table       Police officer speaking to a class of children

 Jonathan Frazier Blytheville CID and Adult Probation/Parole

  Blytheville CID officer Jonathan Frazier and Adult Probation and Parole officers standing together

 Jonathan Frazier Blytheville CID

  Jonathan Frazier of the Blytheville CID sitting at a table

 Juvenile Probation Office with Jacquin Benson from ACC

  Four Juvenile Probation Officers standing with Jacquin Benson from ACC

 Tim Warhurst - Adult Probation/Parole

 Adult Probation and Parole officer Tim Warhurst speaking to a class of children   

 Daryl Turner- Intake Officer and Shauna Appell- Juvenile Probation Officer

 Intake Officer Daryl Turner and Juvenile Probation Officer Shauna Appell standing together and smiling      

 The youth speaking with Law enforcement agencies one on one.

The youth speaking with law enforcement agencies one on one.


A large group of children sitting in a classroom


Two police officers smiling for the camera


Two police officers sitting at a table


Two females from ACC smiling for the camera

 Youth speaking with Osceola Police Department

Students speaking to two police officers in a classroom

 Osceola Police Department

Two officers from the Osceola Police Department sitting at a table

 Youth speaking with Adult Probation and Parole

Students speaking with an Adult Probation and Parole officer


A room full of students sitting in chairs