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Quorum Court Committees


The Mississippi County Quorum Court Committees meet on an as-needed basis, except for Finance. Finance meetings are monthly at 1:30 p.m. at the Courthouse Annex in Blytheville. All meetings are open to the public.


Review and make recommendations regarding the development of a comprehensive human resource system for Mississippi County. This includes salary levels, policies, affirmative action review, employee insurance, fringe benefits, and travel policies. 

  • Members include: Chairman Harbans Mangat, Tobye McClanahan, Cecil McDonald, Betty Hepler, Drake Brown



Review and make recommendations on the financial condition of the County to include finances, yearly budget, appropriations, fiscal control, audit review, and monitoring of expenditures. 

  • Members include: Chairman Michael White, Molly Jackson, Harbans Mangat, Neil Burge, Drake Brown, Cecil McDonald


Fire, Police & Safety

Discuss the plan for all phases of the current systems with a focus on the future. This would take into account operating, philosophy, and financing of current and future needs. 

  • Members include: Chairman Neil Burge, Tobye McClanahan, Betty Hepler, Melinda Martin, Molly Jackson, Harbans Mangat


County Services

Review policies concerning the delivery of numerous county services to citizens. Review maintenance and expansion of the County's Infrastructure to meet the needs of the County's growth. County Services Committees includes:


Energy & Property: Chairman Molly Jackson, Melinda Martin, Betty Hepler, Rick Ash, Drake Brown, Michael White

Sanitation & Solid Waste: Chairman Tobye McClanahan, Melinda Martin, Harbans Mangat, Dr. Reggie Cullom, Molly Jackson, Michael White

Planning & Development: Chairman Michael White, Cecil McDonald, Rick Ash, Dr. Reggie Cullom, Neil Burge

Insurance: Chairman Dr. Reggie Cullom, Betty Hepler, Michael White, Rick Ash, Harbans Mangat, Drake Brown

Efficiency: Chairman Cecil McDonald, Neil Burge, Betty Hepler, Rick Ash, Dr. Reggie Cullom

Social Services: Tobye McClanahan, Melinda Martin, Cecil McDonald, Rick Ash, Drake Brown

Roads & Bridges: Chairman Rick Ash, Betty Hepler, Michael White, Melinda Martin, Molly Jackson, Neil Burge

American Rescue Plan (ARP): Chairman Molly Jackson, Harbans Mangat, Dr. Reggie Cullom, Cecil McDonald, Tobye McClanahan

Emergency: All Chairmen of Committees