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County Landfill


Mississippi County Landfill



The Mississippi County, Arkansas Landfill provides disposal for all county-generated wastes, as well as some wastes coming from outside the county. It is a 275-acre municipal solid waste disposal facility outside the city limits of Luxora, Arkansas.


Mississippi County owns and operates a Class 1 and Class 4 landfill. 

Class 1 wastes include mainly household, industrial, special waste, and a variety of other materials. Costs are $40.50 per ton for Class 1 materials


Class 4 wastes comprise primarily of construction materials, yard waste, soils, and other materials. Costs are $32.00 per ton for Class 4 materials.


Hazardous materials such as asbestos must be disposed of separately and cost $63.00 per ton.



Landfill Superintendent: James Rountree


Office Hours: Monday - Friday (7:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.) 



1695 East County Road 506

Luxora, AR 72358

Phone: (870) 658-2362

Fax: (870) 658-2175