County of Mississippi Arkansas


Township Constables deal with disturbances, emergencies, violation of the law, fire and rescue operations, weather crisis, and citizen calls for help. Arkansas Constables are voluntary, Constitutionally-elected peace officers who are uniformed, equipped and trained to State statute and standards.


Big Lake Township Chris Meacham
Bowen Township Alex Haynes
Burdette Township Danny Seaton
Canadian Township Charles Collard Jr.
Carson Lake Township Summer "Reggie" Cullom
Chickasawba Township Brice Hicks
Dyess Township Robert Yerbey
Fletcher Township Jasper Jackson
Golden Lake Lucky L. Smith
Half Moon Township Carl Foster
Hector Township Mark Dixon
Little River Township Roger Ferrell
McGavock Township Alex Goble
Monroe Township Jim Creecy
Neal Township Steve Lancaster
Scott Township Dennis E. Tucker Sr.