County of Mississippi Arkansas


Directions to Burdette Courthouse


The Cotton Boll Vocational Tech School building is located in Burdette, right off Interstate 55. There are two ways to get there:


Interstate 55 Route

1. Type in your GPS "Cotton Boll Vocational"

2. You take Interstate 55 South and you will turn right at Exit 57 "Burdette".

3. You will follow the curve until you come to the Stop Sign.

4. Turn left to go on the overpass and turn left when you see the MISSISSIPPI COUNTY sign


Highway 61 Route

1. You take Highway 61 South, like you're headed to Osceola.

2. Turn right after the Burdette sign and continue on East Plantation Rd/Highway 148 for 2.7 miles (about 5 minutes).

3. Continue until you see Vo-Tech on your right.

4. Turn right when you see the MISSISSIPPI COUNTY sign