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Circuit Court



Arkansas Constitutional Amendment 80, having taken effect on July 1, 2001, eliminated separate courts of law and courts of equity in Arkansas. Circuit Courts are general jurisdiction trial courts.

Effective January 1, 2002, Circuit Courts consist of five subject matter divisions: Criminal, Civil, Probate, Domestic Relations, and Juvenile.


Circuit Judges


Hon. Richard Lusby (RL), Division 2

P.O. Box 1472

Jonesboro, AR 72403-1472

Phone: 870-933-4548 / Fax: 870-933-7711

Trial Court Administrator: Joyce Morgan, CCM 

Court Reporter: Cindy White, CVR 


Hon. Cindy Thyer (CT), Division 4

P.O. Box 1334

Jonesboro, AR, 72403-1334

Phone: 870-933-4590 / Fax: 870-933-4591

Trial Court Administrator: Belinda Penn, CCM 

Court Reporter: Heather Lewallen 


Hon. Ralph Wilson (RW), Division 5

P.O. Box 506

Osceola, AR 72370-0506

Phone/Fax: 870-563-6035

Trial Court Administrator: Billie Jo Bowles, CCM 

Court Reporter: Sandra Arwood, CVR 


Hon. Tonya Alexander (TA), Division 6

110 Center Street

Marion, AR 72364-1829

Phone: 870-739-8606 / Fax: 870-739-8683

Trial Court Administrator: Janice McCauley 

Court Reporter: Sherry Reece 


Hon. Dan Ritchey (DR), Division 10

P.O. Box 443

Blytheville, AR 72316-0443

Trial Court Administrator: Kara Whitehead 

Court Reporter: Suzanne Veach 


Mississippi County Circuit Judge Assignments

Criminal (CR) Blytheville – Davis, Thyer, Wilson

Civil (CV) Blytheville – Lusby, Alexander

Drug Court (DC) Luxora – Wilson

Criminal (CR) Osceola – Wilson, Ritchey

Civil (CV) Osceola – Thyer, Alexander