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QC to Consider Renaming Road to Honor Correnti


The Mississippi County Quorum Court met Tuesday night in the temporary courthouse in Burdette for the November monthly meeting.

Justice Michael White informed the justices and the audience that the 2020 budget was not yet complete but that they will have it ready to go for the next monthly meeting.

White also mentioned that next month the Road and Bridges committee will present to the full board a resolution that will rename Dickie Kennemore Drive to Correnti Kennemore Parkway.

"In 2018, we had responded to the south end of the county in renaming a section of Highway 198, just south of Osceola. It's the highway that goes down to Big River Steel and the specific section goes from Highway 61 all the way out to Big River and the Mississippi River," White explained. "Last year with resolution March-2018-14 we renamed that Highway Dickie Kennemore Drive, but the south end, again specifically Osceola, has wanted to recognize the contributions that John Correnti has provided to the entire county, both north and south end...We brought it to the Road, Bridges Committee last week to rename Dickie Kennemore Drive to Correnti Kennemore Parkway. The Road and Bridges Committee agreed at that time to send it on to the full court in the form of a resolution and honestly it just got overlooked. It's not time sensitive."

The county also received their legislative audit and as required announced that they have received the audit.

White stated, "Very clean. Very nice legislative audit. Made the county shine."

County Judge John Alan Nelson agreed.

The QC passed a resolution that adopted and implemented the county receiving new voting equipment.

The resolution states the voting equipment was purchased on a cost-share basis with the state covering 74 percent and the county the other 26 percent. When the time is up on the equipment it will revert back to the state to be "traded in towards the price of the new equipment."

White moved to adopt the resolution and then stated, "Mississippi County will be one of the leaders again."

The QC also passed two ordinances.

The first ordinance amended previous ordinance No. 2011-12 and moves the financial management office under the county treasurer's office, instead of the county judge, county treasurer and county clerk.

The new ordinance will only amend Article IV of O-2011-12, but the remainder of the ordinance will stay the same.

Justice Rick Ash motioned to suspend the rules and read by title only for the second and third times after County Clerk Janice Currie read the ordinance in its entirety the first time.

The ordinance was adopted unanimously.

The second ordinance adopted was an appropriation ordinance levying taxes for 2020.

After the reading of the ordinance, White moved to adopt the ordinance and the ordinance passed unanimously.

The QC also was updated by County Treasurer Peggy Meatte that the county's general fund was back up to $2,138,581.71 after dropping to the $600,000's earlier this month.

She added that the sales tax was down for the month of October but is around average for previous Octobers.

The county also received an interest rate of 1.95 percent from both Farmers Bank and Southern Bancorp.