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Measure Allows County Offices to Operate in Temporary Locations


The Mississippi County Quorum Court met twice in special session on Monday afternoon, authorizing the county offices and circuit court to operate outside of the Blytheville courthouse, which is undergoing a $14 million renovation.

The board unanimously approved a resolution allowing the county to "conduct all affairs of Chickasawba District of Mississippi County government, with the exception of the office of the Circuit Clerk, at the ANC Vo-Tech building (also known as the Cotton Boll Technical Center) located at 822 Plantation Road, Burdette, Arkansas" during the renovation. It sets the temporary Circuit Clerk office at 206 North Second Street.

Shortly after the meeting adjourned, it was brought to County Judge John Alan Nelson's attention that the measure also required committee meetings to be held at the temporary Burdette location. Committee meetings are typically held at the Annex Building in Blytheville.

Nelson asked justices to return to the table to discuss the following paragraph that says, in part, that the Quorum Court "authorizes the conduct of affairs of the Chickaswba District of Mississippi County government, including, but not limited to, meetings of the Mississippi County Quorum Court, committees thereof, all County offices, and all Circuit Court proceedings, with the exception of the office of the Circuit Clerk, at the ANC Vo-Tech Building..."

Ultimately, the board decided to hold Monday's Finance Committee meeting in Burdette, then address the issue at Tuesday's Quorum Court meeting.