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County Has A Clean Audit


Though there were not the required number of Mississippi County Quroum Court justices to vote on ordinances Tuesday night, the board did have enough in attendance to pass two resolutions and accept the 2017 legislative audit.

Absent were justices Fred Fleeman, Neil Burge, Betty Hepler and Slyvester Belcher.

According to Mississippi County Judge John Alan Nelson and Finance Committee Chairman Michael White the 2017 legislative audit was the "cleanest audit" the county had seen in years.

White made the motion to acknowledge the receiving of the 2017 legislative audit.

County Clerk Janice Currie then read two resolutions.

The first resolution - Maintenance and Operation of the Mississippi County Health Department Building - was read in its entirety.

The resolution states, in part, "WHEREAS, the Arkansas Department of Health Office located in Blytheville, Arkansas (the "Health Department") has requested that Mississippi County, Arkansas (the "County") assist in financing the renovation of its office building by providing a ten percent (10.0%) matching fund for a grant in the maximum amount of ten thousand dollars ( $10,000.00) received from the Local Grant Trust Fund ( the "LGTF")."

White moved to adopt the resolution and Justice Bill Nelson seconded. The resolution passed unanimously.

The second resolution amended the employee handbook.

After the resolution was read in its entirety, White made the motion to accept the resolution and Justice Rick Ash seconded.

The resolution passed unanimously.

The agenda for the meeting listed three ordinances, however, ordinances need two-thirds present - eight justices - to be read and voted on; only seven were present.

White made the motion to table the ordinances until a special meeting, which will be held on April 9. The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. that evening.

Meanwhile, County Treasurer Peggy Meatte said the current interest rate was at 2.56 percent and the county general fund sat at $1,946,857.