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County Board Talks Bond Money


The Mississippi County Quorum Court's Finance Committee met Monday afternoon to discuss a variety of topics, including the transfer of the bonds scheduled for Tuesday, appropriating more money for landfill projects and bills concerning economic development.

Tuesday morning, Mississippi County Judge John Alan Nelson said he was in Little Rock waiting to close the bonds around 11 a.m.

Finance Chairman Michael White said they were going to make two accounts, one for Blytheville and one for Osceola.

White added that the roughly $17.5 million will be in the two accounts, with $2 million in the Osceola account and the "number to be determined when we see our check [Tuesday] for the Blytheville account."

Justice Bill Nelson made the motion to appropriate $2 million for Osceola and the number for Blytheville to be determined after the check is written. Justice Neil Burge seconded the motion.

Judge Nelson added, "We will spend everything, you know, what we got bills today because we do have to spend a certain percentage of that."

White also mentioned that financial management director Kellie Jones will be buying a laptop so that she can watch the transfers and also work off-site. White added the money has already been appropriated for the purchase and Judge Nelson stated he is "absolutely" fine with the purchasing of a laptop for Jones.

Also discussed at the meeting was landfill cell construction. White said it was mentioned in the April Finance meeting but nothing had been done since.

Burge, who chairs the Sanitation and Solid Waste committee, said, "As far as I know we are waiting on the plans and drawings and so forth from FTN. Then, at that point, once we receive those we will be ready to put them out to bid. There is nothing for us to do at this point, I don't believe."

Judge Nelson stated he believes "they could" and then noted the county appropriated money for the design phase but doesn't believe they appropriated enough. They appropriated $320,000 total and of that, $80,000 was set to be used for Class Four.

Nelson said the estimated price for Class Four is roughly $110,200. Therefore, they would need to add $30,200 to the total amount to bring it to $350,200. Burge made the motion to appropriate the $30,200.

Burge added the landfill is "running pretty well", however, they are "slightly behind" on revenue due to the weather. Judge Nelson added that James Roundtree was named the Landfill Director and will be presented with that at the next QC meeting on Tuesday.

Another discussion at the meeting concerned bills with economic development. White added the county received a bill regarding a study for the Regal Beloit building. White asked if the Planning and Development (P&D) committee or Finance committee had approved a study for the Regal Building.

Justice Nelson, who chairs the P &D Committee, stated he had "no earthly idea" what White was talking about and then said no.

Jones stated economic developer Clif Chitwood submitted and approved a bill and that there wasn't any money appropriated.

Justice Rick Ash stated the city owned the building. Also, other justices stated they didn't remember hearing of any projects or studies concerning the Regal building.

Jones said she had paid the bill already.

White also mentioned that Chitwood just recently submitted a bill, which was invoiced in 2017. County Judge secretary Cindy George stated that bill was still on her desk and hasn't been paid for yet.

Burge said, "Well, since we increased the appropriation to Clif's group by about $40- or $50- or $60- or $70,000 this year and if they don't submit the bills on time they ought to pay for them out of their appropriation."

Justice Nelson said, "Amen" and White agreed.

Justice Molly Jackson added that Circuit Clerk Leslie Mason's request to rent storage space went through the Energy and Property committee and will be a two-year lease.

The lease is expected to be completed by June 1. The rent will be $325 a month.