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Landfill 'Doing Well'


The Mississippi County Sanitation and Solid Waste Committee and Personnel Committee met Wednesday and discussed a variety of topics, including successes at the county landfill.

Neil Burge, chairman of the Sanitation and Solid Waste Committee, passed out a report on the operations at the landfill for the first five months of the year. The landfill is budgeted for $2,534,512.00 and at the end of May had spent $799,229.87 while it has collected $1,348,039.18. Cash on hand at the landfill is $1,142,111.84.

Burge stated the landfill is “doing well.”

He added that newly appointed landfill supervisor James Roundtree has been at the landfill for a long time and County Judge John Alan Nelson’s office is working “really well” with the landfill.

Burge said the landfill has been looking for a used tractor, but couldn’t find one.

Therefore, with the need being so great they have found a John Deere tractor they can lease for 36 months with a total price of $250,726.00. The cost per month would $3,436.83 for 36 months with an extended warranty.

Burge added it would be a three-year lease and then after the lease is up the county could buy the tractor, which would cost $180,000. He also mentioned the tractor could be used for other things throughout the county.

Councilman Rick Ash suggested getting a short-term financing agreement through another financier. Burge asked county judge chief strategist JT Harris to check into the different numbers before the Finance Committee meets on Monday.

Justice JoAnne Henton made the motion to move the lease on the tractor forward to the Finance Committee.

Burge also mentioned that they are buying a Batwing mower that can mow ditches, which will cost $16,203.96.

Also in attendance at the Sanitation and Solid Waste Committee were Andrew and Erin Carrington whom asked the committee if they would waive the dumping fees for them as they are cleaning up their properties on Main Street.

According to Andrew Carrington, he and his wife own 37 storefronts scattered over nine blocks.

He added that most of the properties have fallen roofs and trees in them and they would like to clean the space up and rebuild the district.

Burge mentioned that the only times that they waive fees is during the event of a natural disaster and on the days of free dumping, which takes place in the spring and in the fall on Saturday.

“I certainly applaud the efforts that are going on,” Burge said. “ I’ve had a business downtown for a long, long time and I am very familiar. I certainly applaud and appreciate all the effort that is going into it. My only question is if the precedent would be set if we waived the fee for one person. It’s not a matter that it is not needed. In the past there has been some special arrangements worked out with municipalities. If you could work something out through the city there may be something could be worked out there.”

Burge added they would move it on to the finance and full court and see what they say.

In the Personnel Committee, Nelson asked the Personnel Committee to hire a custodian in Osceola. Nelson said he has worked through a state program at the courthouse for many years. The state program has paid the salary but has decided they are going to cut off paying his salaries and the county has until June 30 to hire him or the state will move him to another location.

Nelson said that all of the elected officials think he does a “fantastic” job and they like him personally.

County Clerk Janice Currie stated she would like for him to be a permanent employee and he does a wonderful job of taking care of the courthouse lawn with the limited amount of supplies he has. He also does minor work inside the courthouse.

She added, “He’s a good guy and a hard worker.”

Justice Betty Hepler, who was previously the county collector, agreed with Currie.

Justice Howard “ Bubba” Norvell made the motion to hire him but eventually withdrew the motion.

Ash, who chairs the personnel committee, said he had a few questions concerning how much he was paid and what his title was.

His pay was uncertain but Nelson states he does whatever they ask him to do.

Currie said he does everything but mow the lawn but added if he had a lawn mower he’d also do that. Hepler agreed.

Ash added they’d have to add a position and it’d be more of maintenance position.

Ash recommended creating a slot and then the Finance Committee look at the midpoint on JESAP for salary.

Norvell made the motion and Hepler seconded to be moved to Finance Committee on Monday.

Hepler asked if they were going to move all custodial positions to 40 hours a week and Ash said that is something they need to look at due to all the work they have.

Nelson said that when the renovation is complete he would like to keep it looking brand new.

Ash explained that will come into play in a few years but even now they will have to keep the Circuit Clerk’s office cleaned, along with the Extension Office, vo-tech building and the Osceola courthouse.

Ash asked if the committee wanted to look at increasing the number of hours they work to 40 hours a week. Currie and Hepler added they don’t know if the Osceola custodian would want to be moved to 40 hours a week.

Norvell made the motion to move the custodians to 40-hour work week if they choose.

Judge Nelson stated he would speak with all three custodians on increasing their hours.