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Quorum Court Approves Several Measures


The Mississippi County Quorum Court (QC) met Tuesday night for what could possibly be the final time in the current Blytheville courthouse before the renovation project gets underway.

The QC approved four tax-back resolutions, nine appropriation measures and one ordinance.

The four tax- back resolutions involved companies Atlas Tube, FrigorTec, Clastrip Arkansas and Arkansas Steel Processing (ASP).

Justice Bill Nelson, who chairs the Planning and Development committee, moved to adopt all of the resolutions, which were unanimously adopted.

The first appropriation ordinance added a janitor/maintenance employee position to the courthouse budget with a maximum annual salary of $23,834 for maximum of 2,080 annual hours. It also added the position of chief strategist to the Road Department budget with a maximum salary of $29,354 with no set hours.

Justice Michael White moved to adopt the appropriation ordinance and it passed unanimously.

The second appropriation ordinance was created to authorize/modify appropriations from Ordinance No. O-2016-15.

The ordinance reads, “ WHEREAS, the Nucor Corporation Incentive was created by Ordinance No. O-2016-15; WHEREAS, the Nucor Corporation Incentive is in need of funding from Mississippi County, Arkansas; WHEREAS, there are unappropriated funds remaining to be appropriated from the Nucor Corporation Incentive.”

The appropriation was $517,000 for the 2019 budget.

White moved to adopt the appropriation ordinance and it passed unanimously.

The third appropriation ordinance dealt with acquiring two road graders with a short-term lease.

White mentioned before the reading of the ordinance that the monthly lease amount for the road graders increased from $1,594 to $1,900 a month. White moved to adopt the appropriation ordinance and it passed unanimously.

The fourth appropriation ordinance involved a federal pass-through grant.

The ordinance reads, “WHEREAS, a certain federal pass through grant exists, which will be used by Mid-South Health Systems in coordination with members of the judicial system to assist inmates with mental health issues with the desire that it will decrease inmate jail time; WHEREAS, the grant, in the total amount of $300,000.00 must be appropriated and expended through the Mississippi County government.”

The fifth appropriation ordinance dealt with authorizing/modifying appropriations for the funding of the rental space cost for Mississippi County Circuit Clerk Leslie Mason’s office.

The sixth appropriation ordinance modified the appropriations of a salary split from 90-10 to 86.01- 13.99 between the county assessor and county collector office for a position.

The seventh appropriation ordinance authorizes the funding of $4,000 for renting the Mississippi County Extension Office.

The eighth appropriation ordinance modified Ordinance No. O-2017-10.

The appropriation ordinance reads, “WHEREAS, Ordinance No. O-2017-10 has been adopted to fund the Arkansas Steel Processing Training Program, in the amount of $410,000.00; WHEREAS, since the original passing of said Ordinance, a portion of said funding has come to be needed for capital investments.”

The ordinance also states that $300,000 is instead appropriated for the use of Mississippi County in funding for capital investments. The remaining $110,000 shall remain as appropriated to fund the ASP Training program.

The final appropriation ordinance was for the county to purchase two personal computers for the county treasurer’s office in the total amount of $3,315.

The ordinance that passed unanimously was to establish the Judge “Shug” Banks Memorial Fund.

The ordinance reads, “ WHEREAS, the Mississippi County Quorum Court wishes to erect a statue on the grounds of the Mississippi County Courthouse in memory of Judge “Shug” Banks; and WHEREAS, it is necessary to establish an Ordinance to provide funding for the erection of said statue.”

County Treasurer Peggy Meatte also gave an update on the county general fund, which has $1,466,504.48. She also added that the current interest rate is 2.04 percent at Farmers Bank and Trust in Blytheville.