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County to Amend Landfill Budget by $300K


The Mississippi County Finance Committee met on Monday afternoon and it was announced that the county is 67 percent through the year’s budget as of Aug. 31.

An appropriation ordinance was sent to the full Quorum Court that would amend the 2019 budget in order to appropriate an additional $300,000 into the landfill budget.

Finance Chairman Michael White said, “We’ve been doing some work out at the landfill, we had Taylor Hendrix correct the old cell one landfill area. It’s not an inexpensive project, but it looks like we have failed to put the money in the 2019 budget for that work,” said White, “We didn’t know about that work when we were building on that budget.”

It was explained that the error was due to an oversight and an ordinance was sent to add $300,000 that would go under permit modifications, to take care of the Taylor Hendrix landfill cell adjustments.

Circuit Clerk Leslie Mason asked for clarification on how to report mileage according to the location changes.

“My home base has to be where my office is,” Mason said. “I wasn’t actually asking for mileage, I was trying to find out if it was proper for me to turn in mileage according to my home office, now that my home office is not where the county offices are.”

Mason stated that she wanted to be certain that she was recording her mileage correctly.

“I do not want the auditor’s coming back on me, I want to make sure that I am counting my mileage properly,” said Mason.

White replied to Mason’s concern saying, “I remember I said last week that we need to set a policy for that, give us a chance to review personnel policy and we are going to meet next Monday anyway.”