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Court to Still Be Held in Blytheville until Oct. 14


The last of Mississippi County Circuit Clerk Leslie Mason’s office was finally moved Tuesday to 206 North 2nd Street in Blytheville.

Mason said it took 11 days, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., for six to 14 men to move her office.

“It was a lot of hard work getting it moved. It took 11 full days, working around days we had court, but I am very, very excited to have all of our records under one roof. My office is at the front and then the records are right behind my office in the storage unit,” Mason said. “I’m just glad everything is finally all together under one roof because that hasn’t been done since I’ve been there. We’ve always had offsite storage units, but it’s a big blessing to finally have everything there under one roof. We can go access anything that anybody needs now.”

She added that “approximately 100 years of permanent records have found their temporary home under one roof (which has NEVER happened before).”

Although the courthouse has moved to the ANC Burdette Center and Mason’s office is across the street from the courthouse, court will remain at the Blytheville courthouse until October 14. Court will start at Burdette on October 14 and there will be two courtrooms.

“Court will be held at the Mississippi County Courthouse in Blytheville until October 14. October 14 forward all court will be held at the ANC Burdette Center. Also, there will be two courtrooms out there,” said Mason.

The other county offices are already at the ANC Burdette Center where signs are placed where to go.

As a reminder, October 15 is the last day to pay personal and property taxes.

County collector Susan Goff-McCormick’s office will be closed on October 16-17.