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Quorum Court Approves Measures

Tuesday evening, the Mississippi County Quorum Court held its regular session where two ordinances and four appropriation ordinances were approved.

An ordinance to authorize Mississippi County to do business with Eagle Laser Engraving, owned by Deputy Kevin Cooper, was tabled by the Quorum Court.

Justice Michael White said, “It was brought to my attention that Deputy Kevin Cooper desires to participate in the bid process on the renovation of this building (the courthouse), I asked Cindy to prepare the ordinance and throw it at your feet for discussion tonight. I am not pushing for or against particularly. He is just asking for the privilege of participating in the bid process when they do open bids.”

White added, “The correct process is to take this to the committee but because of the time constraints and that we might start the bids before our next regular monthly meeting, I just asked that the court would at least consider it.”

“I do not know the individual either, I don’t really have any objection but I think if it is going to be a bid process, I don’t want the county to be doing business with one individual,” said Justice Howard “Bubba” Norvell.            “He just wants to participate in the bid process and to be able to at least submit a bid, right now he can’t,” said White.

Justice Molly Jackson added, “I know the guidelines state that we should only do business with county employees when it is under unusual circumstances, this may qualify as unusual circumstances. I do think it is important for us to adhere to those guidelines.

Jackson continued, “We have such professionalism in so many other areas, I think this is one where we really need to make sure that we are extra professional and that it does not appear that we are simply doing business with ourselves.”

“We can table it and bring it next month to find out more information,” said White.

“It will be November before a bid goes into the paper,” County Judge John Alan Nelson said.

White added, “Our next regular meeting is October 22 so that would give him time.”

“I make a motion to table and bring it back before committee, and for the future, people that are wanting to do business with the county, I wish they would come to a meeting and present some things about them,” said Norvell.

“In order for him to get a fair vote I think it would be a good thing for it to go through the committee first,” said Judge Nelson.

The ordinance was then tabled unanimously.


Two ordinances were passed:

— One to amend a previous ordinance to show the corrected names of the Essence private club;

— An ordinance authorizing the appointment of Curtis Walker, Marcia McClain, and Blanche Hunt to the Mississippi County Public Facilities board to which an emergency clause was attached to make effective immediately.


Four appropriation ordinances were passed:

— Authorizing/modifying appropriations for the operation of the Mississippi County government including an appropriation for a Nucor Steel Arkansas Incentive Award;

— An ordinance authorizing/modifying appropriations for the Mississippi County Arkansas Landfill;

— An ordinance authorizing appropriations for economic development on two separate pieces of real property in Blytheville and Osceola;

— An ordinance authorizing appropriations for the funding of the economic development project, Mr. Davis’ Pickles.