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Board Considers Equipment to Recycle Cardboard


At the request of Osceola Mayor Sally Wilson, the Mississippi County Solid Waste Management District Committee met Monday afternoon at the Annex Building in Blytheville, discussing the city of Osceola's plans to start recycling cardboard.

Committee member Steve Choals, who works for the city of Osceola's Street Sanitation, said, "What we would like to start doing in the city is recycling our cardboard, but the startup cost is what we need."

According to Choals, the cost of purchasing, delivering and installing the baler is $6,000. Choals added that the city would like to add $3,800 for materials to make 10 collection boxes that would be four feet by eight feet.

Due to household trash not being picked up on Wednesdays, Choals stated the city would replace the collection boxes with empty ones that day.

He added once the city has 39 bales a company called ORE will purchase and pick up the bales of cardboard.

When asked the total amount, Choals stated, depending on taxes, the cost would be between $11,400 and $11,500.

Committee member Lisa John-Adams made the motion to give the City of Osceola $11,500 and the motion was seconded by Committee member John David Nelson.

The committee later added to John-Adams' motion by stating to check with Finance Director Kelli Jones to make sure there is enough money in the account.

County Judge John Alan Nelson asked Choals what the time frame would be, and he said as soon as they can get the materials for the boxes it wouldn't take long to make. The rest of the work deals with the company, so Choals doesn't know an exact estimate.

Judge Nelson added, " I commend (Osceola) for being so out in front over recycling. I think that is really a big deal."

Also discussed in the meeting is the state is cutting the funding on tire recycling.

Judge Nelson stated it "does not" need cutting.

Choals asked Judge Nelson what is worst-case scenario with recycling tires if they cut the funding.

"If they cut the budget are we going to be responsible for it?" he asked.

Nelson replied, "Either that or we will be doing less receiving tires. And right now we need to be doing more because I have farmers calling me."

Discussion led to looking into buying a tire shredder. Judge Nelson stated the county used to have one but he doesn't know anymore.

John David Nelson stated he and JT Harris will look at shredders.

Blytheville Mayor James Sanders asked if any industries used tire shredders anymore.

Johns-Adams, who works at Nucor Steel, stated they used to but she doesn't know if they still have it.

The committee also mentioned a shredder for mattresses and box springs.