County of Mississippi Arkansas


Mississippi County Coroner

Karen Ash Crane


The county coroner is charged with the responsibilities of determining the cause of death in Mississippi County.  This position is not a typical elected position with normal office hours. This job is one that is constant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There are numerous daily tasks that must be completed in order to determine a cause of death including conducting an investigation concerning the circumstances surrounding the death, gather and review background information, including but not limited to medical records and other information which may be helpful in determining the cause and manner of death (ACA 14-15-301). These duties are mandated to be completed in a very short time frame. 


The Office of the Coroner works very closely with multiple law enforcement agencies, ambulance companies, and fire departments across the county to assure that all information gathered in the investigation is accurate. The job of the coroner does not end with the initial investigation. The families of the individual that has deceased play an important part in this office. It is this office's job to help families cope with what has transpired in their lives.  Many of the situations the coroner faces are very sudden and tragic. Along with the chaplains, the Coroner's Office helps to make the next steps for a grieving family as easy as possible. 



Phone: (870) 278-9272